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I started to collect old radioes in 1997, but after a short while I run out of space. I therefore started to collect radio vacuum tubes instead. My collection is more than 4000 different tubes including radio tubes, transmitting tubes, audio tubes and special tubes. Today it is a lot of information of radio tubes on the web, I have therefore consentrated on tube bases/sockets and tube numukulare in my homepage.

During the last years it has been more difficult to get hold of additional tubes to my collection (or more correct - more expencive) I therefore also started to collect radio related items as Norwegian telegrams, radio stamp feees and tele-cards.

Since 1974 my work has been development of VHF/UHF radio terminals at Simonsen and Nera. I have collected a lot of these items and I have also made a short desciption of different developed VHF/UHF trerminals in Norway. The list I have put on my homepage is not complete some items are missing, and I have only information regarding Norwegian development companies that I have been in touch with during my work.

Some of the information on my homepage are in Enlish and some in Norwegian. I have written all pages which may have interest outside Norway in English, all other pages are in Norwegian.

All pictures of tubes, radios, telegram etc are from my own collection. I will be very happy if you can supply me with missing pictures or of missing or wrong information on my homepage.

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